SMDC Twin Residences - AMENITIES

At the Twin Residences Las Piñas, the refreshing and lifestyle-changing amenities come twice in excitement. Your new residence will have an active zone and a passive zone: each spells life in complete comfort and convenience, and double the luxury!

At the active zone, you can find the mirror pools, both with the poolside deck. Each pool is a mirror image of the other where the family can enjoy both swimming pools. The active zone also includes a fitness gym, kid’s zone, jogging path, trellis deck, and function rooms.

At the center of these pools, you can find the passive zone that includes the ActivaTurf, central gazebo, central turf, courtyard, and a fitness studio.  

The ActivaTurf is SMDC’s response to your wellness routine in a green environment. The ActivaTurf is an amenity area in the vicinity of Twin Residences that offers a lush space for yoga, Pilates, or simply lazing under the sun. The place is perfect for everyone who is seeking to stay active while enjoying the outdoors. These outstanding amenities will allow residents to enjoy moments of relaxation and live an active lifestyle.

  • Mirror Pools
  • ActivaTurf
  • Kid's Zone
  • Jogging Path
  • Trellis Deck
  • Central Gazebo
  • Poolside Deck
  • Fitness Gym
  • Function Room
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